letter from the director 

from my heart to yours

The Supreme Court Decision of 2022

Dear Friends of HeartReach,

After decades of prayer and hard work, the Supreme Court finally overturned Roe v. Wade! The unborn will have a chance in many states to be protected from abortion! What an incredible answer to prayer and what a well-deserved victory for pro-life Americans, many of
whom have worked steadfastly for years and years to see legal protection restored to unborn children. Please understand this is just the beginning!

If you've seen reports of the intense pro-abortion violence raging across the country, you know the battle is not over. You know the pro-life battle in Alaska still has a long journey before it comes to an end. No matter what happens within our great state, there will always be unplanned pregnancies and difficult circumstances surrounding pregnancies that need help. We want to continue to be the place that offers hope, life, and value. HeartReach Center is pro-life, pro-family, pro-woman, pro-man, and pro-child. We are and will continue to be a pregnancy help place for women that have an unplanned or planned pregnancy.


Every woman on this journey needs help, assistance, and reassurance of the life developing within her body. We are here for these women and men. We can help them make a parenting plan for their children. Thank you to all our supporters, donors, friends, and volunteers that have made HeartReach a valuable resource in the Mat-Su Valley. We ask you to continue your support, continue your prayers, and continue your financial gifts. All of which we cannot operate without.

Thank you for standing with us!
Joyce Moropoulos
Executive Director