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letter from the director 

from my heart to yours

Our Choice 

The word ‘choice’ has come to have so many negative connotations. We forget
that choices can be tremendously positive too. The ability to choose is, in fact, a
gift from God. What counts is what we decide to do with that gift. Many of you have already made the positive choice to support us with your time, your prayers, and your finances. Because of your choice, the people who come in our doors can choose life for their children. We appreciate you and thank you for the chance to partner together in this life-changing endeavor. At HeartReach, we view giving through the lens of grace. We do not want anyone to give their time, prayers, or funds out of fear of the future or the state of our society. Instead, we want people to look through the lens of grace with us and watch our clients experience the hope of life affirming choices.


HeartReach wants to be the first choice for women and men that are making these life altering decisions. With the addition of the Medical Mobile Unit, (MMU) our resources are more accessible to the outlying communities. Now we can reach individuals who cannot or will not come into our center. This is an important service and unique to our area. We are thankful for our partners who have made this a reality in the Mat Su Valley. We have also added the Abortion Pill Reversal (APR) ministry. This is a monumental opportunity! A woman who takes the first pill of mifepristone, but regrets the decision, can now save her child. A life has already
been saved through HeartReach’s first successful use of the APR protocol. Thanks to our medical staff, a baby was spared from destruction in the womb and a woman was rescued from added sexual trauma to her life. We hope you can share the vision HeartReach has for our community. We want to build a safe place, free from the havoc of abortion, that fosters hope and a beautiful future for families. You can partner with us to see this happen. Your gift, regardless of the size, brings us one step closer to realizing these goals.


Thank you for seeing what the future can be in the Mat-Su Valley.

Standing in His Grace,

Joyce Moropoulos

Executive Director 

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