letter from the director 

from my heart to yours

If Roe v Wade is overturned...

Friends and Supporters, 

Many of you have asked me this very question.  I want to share our goals, prayers and strategy going forward.

We know that if Roe v. Wade is overturned, that doesn’t mean our job is done. There are many nuances to the abortion industry, and this has proven to be very confusing. We want to offer answers as best we can. Abortion will still be an unfortunate reality. Here in the state of Alaska, abortion is legal up until the day of birth. While we pray and act for change, it will most likely remain that way for a while.

How will your support be used to impact women, men and youth in crisis pregnancies in the days ahead?

You may have thought your support will not be needed if Roe is overturned. This could not be further from the truth. Your support is vital to continue meeting needs of unplanned pregnancies. Families within our communities will still need help and assistance as they wade through life's difficult choices.

HeartReach will need more support than ever. Women will still need confirmation to choose life and not pursue a chemical abortion. They will still need labor & delivery education as well as parenting instruction. Parents and guardians will still need support and counseling as adoption remains an option. Men and women will need STI/STD testing & treatment as they navigate their life circumstances. Men will still need mentorship to embrace the gift of fatherhood.

What is our strategy for the days ahead?


We will continue to offer pregnancy testing, OB ultrasound, STI/D testing & treatment, Embracing Parenthood classes, and material needs for mothers and children. The Mobile Medical Unit will be an exceptionally beneficial addition as we reach outlying areas that do not have pregnancy and sexual health services. Our goal is still to be the first resource that meets women and men with life-affirming services. We will continue to offer hope to all those who walk in our doors, affirm their life and the life of the unborn and born, and to teach value and truth through the Biblical lens of God’s Word.

We ask you to please continue to stand with HeartReach Center. We need your prayers and your financial gifts. If we don’t have both, we will fail. Each one of you are vital to the mission of HeartReach. You are greatly appreciated. We continue to pray blessings of God’s grace and provision for you and your families.

Continuing to stand in His grace,

Joyce Moropoulos 

Executive Director