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Even the smallest gift can make a difference.


The Baby Bottle Campaign For Change is great for churches, businesses and community organizations. 

Contact us today if you are interested in hosting your own Campaign for Change

We'll supply the bottles. You make the change. 

Pick a Date for Your Campaign 

We see the greatest success when this campaign runs for 6 weeks.  Many organizations or businesses choose to initiate their campaign near the anniversary of Sanctity of Life Human Life Day( January 22, 1984). Other successful ideas are between Mother’s and Father’s Day or at a time of mission emphasis.

Ideally, you should pick a date range that is appropriate for your organization. 


Present and Promote Your Campaign

Plan for a 5-8 minute presentation of the Baby Bottle Campaign on kick-off day. We find it is best that a representative from your organization share this message but you can also request a HRC representative to present it.

HeartReach will provide all the promotional material including: multimedia presentations, social media images, 

posters, flyers and stickers. We also supply the baby bottles,

each with a personalized tag with your organization's name and campaign dates on it. 

Return equipment and proceeds to HeartReach

Once your campaign date has passed, please count, and return the proceeds and the bottles to the HeartReach Center.  We ask that you count and roll coins before turning them in.  Most banks offer this service free to their members.

Want to learn more about National Sanctity of Human Life Day? 

Visit Proclamation 5147, National Sanctity of Human Life Day, 1984

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