The 5K for Life is an in-person event held outside. 

We are taking proactive measures to create a safe environment and ensure everyone feels welcome.

We encourage participants to observe precautions as they see fit.


Standing for life matters more now than ever before. Thank you for your support of HeartReach.

We look forward to having you participate in our 2021 5K for Life

Course Map

The race begins and ends at the Trunk Rd. Park & Ride. There is plenty of parking at the venue. Registration, tents, refreshments, and games will be set up on the lawn.

Don't forget to bring your lawn chair!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will the event schedule look like?

We will have FREE refreshments, games, music and more on the lawn throughout the event. On-site registration and bib pick-up begin at 9:00 a.m. Bike heat start: 10:00 a.m. Foot race start: 10:30 a.m. Prize drawings and awards will be done after the last foot racer returns. All event activities are typically finished before noon.

Can I still participate even if can't make it on August 1st?

Absolutely! Many friends of HeartReach Center choose bike, run or walk their 5k for Life on their own. We appreciate the support and comradare no matter where you choose to fulfill your event commitment.

What about children? Are there any age limits on who can participate?

We enjoy having your kiddos participate in the 5k for Life. Our only request is that anyone under 12 be accomapnied by a parent or adult at all times. Additionally, any kiddo old enough to want their race time is welcome to be offically registered and wear a bib. Please note, however, there is no need to register children who are too young to want their event times. These little tikes are still welcome, but NOT registering them will save us a considerable amount of time (and a bit of money) by not assigning bibs to them. *Little bikers are welcome to bike with the foot racers so that they can keep up with their parents and should ONLY be part of the bike heat if accompanied by a biking parent or adult.*

The bike heat is only 30 minutes. What if I can't finish that fast?

Last year, HeartReach implemented a separate bike heat. This was done so that competitive bikers wouldn't have to dodge walkers and strollers on their way back to the finish line. Since our course is an out-and-back one, this was a real hazard. Most of our adult bikers finish their 5k in well under 20 minutes. However, if you are not sure whether or not you can complete a biked 5k in under 30 minutes, we are guessing that you won't be going for a competitive time. As such, there's no issue with you remaining out on the course. You just need to know that your bib may not register an accurate time when you do cross the finish line as your heat will already have been over.

What age divisions will you have?

Here are the age divisions from which we will be recognizing 1st - 3rd place finishers: Biker and Foot Racer Categories Child (12 and under) Youth (13-18) Adult (19-29) Adult (30-39) Adult (40-49) Adult (50-59) Adult (60 + up)

When is early bib pick-up?

Early BIB & T-shirt Pick-Up at HeartReach Center (optional but recommended) 865 S. Seward Meridian Pkwy. Wasilla, AK 99654 Wednesday, July 29th: 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Thursday, July 30th: 3:30 p.m.- 6:30 p.m.

What about Covid-19? How will I know if the event is going virtual?

When you register online, you will automatically receive email updates. We will also keep this site up-to-date as well as our Friends of HeartReach Facebook Page.