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Covid-19 Response

Friends and Donors of HeartReach,

We are certainly living in strange and unprecedented times. The vocabulary of the day is COVID-19. As this virus has impacted our world, it requires fast action and response from all of us to minimize transmission of the virus out of love and care for our neighbors and co-workers.

In this time of social distancing, city lockdowns, and fear around COVID-19, we want our friends to know where we stand. HeartReach Center remains committed to providing services to those who are in need now more than ever before. These services are pregnancy testing (in conjunction with our limited OB ultrasounds), Embracing Parenthood Program, group classes, the market, and curbside pickup of emergency needs supplies (for those who are immune-compromised or who feel more comfortable with that option).

We believe that the medical services of pregnancy testing and limited OB ultrasound that HeartReach provides are absolutely vital. In these difficult times, our clients desperately need the assurance of either having a positive or negative pregnancy test and having an ultrasound performed to confirm pregnancy viability. With such fear and uncertainty, it is paramount that we come alongside those who need our services to offer hope and affirm life. 

At the same time, our medical team and staff are doing everything we can to keep clients, co-workers, volunteers, and our community safe and free from spreading this virus. We are following all policies and procedures set forth by our national and international affiliates, CareNet and Heartbeat International. These guidelines of care are set by the CDC and implemented to reduce the risk of coronavirus exposure and transmission.

Isolation during this time of uncertainty can leave many people feeling depressed or discouraged, especially those moms and dads who are part of our Embracing Parenthood Program (EPP). Our trained mentors are currently utilizing in person as well as over-the-phone and e-mailed lessons. At the beginning of 2020, we began live-streaming Bright Course, an evidence-based and high quality curriculum. We are thankful that we had already begun this process. Having an online platform to utilize has been a tremendous benefit to all clients.

HeartReach serves out of the hope that we hold in our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, and the resources we have. These resources are in large part given through our donors and friends. Thank you for making HeartReach Center's generosity possible during this time of great need.

We are all in this together. Please join us in asking the Holy Spirit to lead and direct our local and national leaders as they guide us through these uncertain waters. This situation has not taken God by surprise, and we need to lean into Him more than ever. “Where two or three are gathered in His name, He is in their midst.” This scripture has taken on a whole new meaning during this time. I pray we will all kneel before our God for His answers.


Standing in His grace,

Joyce Moropoulos
HeartReach Center
Executive Director

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