by sharing yours.


At HeartReach Center, we love our baby bottle campaign because it represents a fun, easy and consistent way for friends to remember the ministry and help fund it at the same time. Simply put, we provide labeled baby bottles, and our friends contribute their change. That's why our motto is "make a real change by sharing yours." This may sound simple or even futile to some, but each year, God provides around $20,000 of much-needed income through this ongoing initiative.  How can you be part of this wonderful work? Well, read ahead. 


When churches come together to put on a collective baby bottle campaign, the change REALLY adds up. If you're interested in coordinating this type of initiative at your church home, please let us know. We make the process as simple as 1,2,3!

#1 CHOOSE CAMPAIGN DATES with church leadership: Typically, churches pick one Sunday to distribute bottles and another Sunday (about six weeks later) to collect the filled bottles. On kick-off Sunday, churches usually allot about 5 minutes of service time for a pastor, HeartReach representative or church member to share corporately about what HeartReach Center does and why the church is partnering with and raising money for this life-saving ministry. When your church has decided on a campaign time-period, please touch base with our community outreach liaison so that she can help you determine how many bottles your church will need and what kind of promotional material she can get together for you. 

#2 PICK UP BOTTLES: After your church books their campaign, HeartReach does most of the work. We'll have your labeled and packaged bottles as well as any requested promotional materials ready for pick-up the week before your campaign starts. 

#3 RETURN BOTTLES:  After your church finishes their campaign, you'll simply have the money counted and return the empty bottles along with a lump-sum check back to HeartReach. 


If you own a business or work at one that has a checkout counter, we would love to provide you with a LARGE, labeled baby bottle in which to collect change.  The bottle can stay with you on an ongoing basis. We just ask that you turn in monetary donations at least once per year so that we can monitor our collective efforts. 


If you'd like to be part of our baby bottle campaign all by yourself, please do! Simply stop by HeartReach Center during regular office hours to pick up a labeled bottle, and then bring it back in when it's full.